Civil Rights

Standing Up for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

Civil rights Despite constitutional guarantees, Americans’ civil rights and liberties are constantly being violated, by individuals, corporations and by government institutions. Recent years have proven the importance of vigilance and activism to protect these precious rights from attacks that are sometimes subtle, though no less egregious. Regardless of whether personal prejudices or national security concerns lie at the root of these violations, challenging them – and holding wrongdoers accountable – is imperative for the sake of constitutional integrity and the preservation of democracy.

What Advocates for Justice Does

Stop discrimination Given the recent assault on some of our most basic civil rights, Advocates for Justice’s dedication to upholding and preserving our civil rights and liberties has never been more important.  We litigate for the rights of protesters, and of artists seeking to express themselves. We fight for the right of free expression by our beleaguered public sector workforce.

Our efforts address equal rights issues as well. We work to  level the playing field in the workplace, fighting employment discrimination against minorities, women, people with disabilities, older workers, and gay and lesbian employees. Every day, we stand up against corporate wrongdoers and the government to fight for the rights of people who suffer discrimination or whose constitutional rights are being violated.